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Kessaku’s Dynasty series 7″ professional Carving Fork will be a staple in your kitchen and will compliment every knife in the Dynasty collection. Our carving forks are constructed by hand utilizing our premium stainless steel, formulated to be resistant to corrosion and rust. The premium smooth, comfort grip G10 military grade, glass fiber resin handle offers superior strength, while its sanitary build ensures no dirt or debris collects. This handle is heat, cold and moisture resistant and is constructed utilizing a full tang and triple rivet design. The knife’s ergonomics helps in reducing aches and fatigue in your hands and is well balanced. Remember to hand wash then wipe and dry clean. Stainless steel although stain and rust resistant, is not impervious to water.<br><br>CARVING FORK- The 7″ Kessaku meat carving fork is used in carving meats and poultry and have two long tines and, at the handles’ base, a rest for the forefinger and thumb. Holds foods in place when using our razor sharp knives to slice and carve meats. Used with chef, paring, utility, butchering, filleting, slicing, carving knives and cleavers<br><br>

<b>Features And Benefits</b><br>
Superior-quality premium stainless steel carving fork<br>
G10 Glass fiber resin handle offers superior strength<br>
Up to 2x more durable than other brands<br>
Full tang and hand crafted solid construction<br><br>

<b>Included Items</b><br>
Kessaku 7″ Professional Carving Fork<br>
Kessaku Premium Gift Box with Magnetic Closure<br>
Kessaku Polishing Cloth<br>
Kessaku Care Instruction Booklet<br><br>

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