The Senshi Chef's Knife with diced green onion The Senshi Paring slicing fruit.

About Us

KESSAKU is a family-owned company in New York City committed to developing and crafting quality professional knives and cooking instruments. We spend our days relentlessly striving for perfection, to provide our customers with knives they’ll adore and cherish for their entire lives.

As chefs, we have a passion for our knives and cooking instruments that goes soul-deep. We’re devoted to the art of cooking. We work alongside our team of culinary artisans, forging knives from imported steels, all while employing the latest metallurgic technologies and advancements in the science of cutlery.

Each line of KESSAKU knives and utensils that we manufacture utilize the highest quality premium steel available, sourced from Germany, Japan, Sweden, and China. Every knife is meticulously assembled and sharpened by master bladesmiths who have honed their ancient craft in our modern facilities. Within the city of Yangjiang, this centuries-old tradition meets cutting-edge modern technological advances to bring our customers unparalleled precision and quality.

Welcome to the Cutting Edge of Knives. Welcome to the KESSAKU family.