About Us

KESSAKU is the Japanese word for “Masterpiece” and that is exactly what you’ll be receiving!

Kessaku is a family-owned NY company that is solely committed to developing and crafting the very best professional knives and cooking instruments in the entire universe. We spend our days relentlessly striving for perfection, to provide our customers with knives they’ll adore and cherish for their entire lives.

As chefs, we have a passion for our knives and cooking instruments that goes soul-deep. We’re truly devoted to the art of cooking and to the love of cooking. We work alongside our team of culinary artisans, forging from the absolute finest materials, utilizing cutting-edge metallurgic technology and the latest advancements in the science of cutlery.  We then finish them with gorgeous designs that make them stand out as heirlooms of elegance.

The results are the Crown Jewels of Knives & Cooking Instruments. Perfect for chefs, perfect for ALL.

Welcome to the Cutting Edge of Knives. Welcome to the KESSAKU family!

The Senshi Chef's Knife with diced green onion The Senshi Paring slicing fruit.


Each line of Kessaku knives that we manufacture utilizes the highest quality premium steel available, sourced from Germany, Japan, and China. Every knife is meticulously hand assembled and sharpened by master bladesmiths who have honed their ancient craft in our modern facilities. Within the city of Yangjiang, this centuries-old tradition meets cutting-edge modern technological advances to bring our customers unparalleled precision and quality.

Greeting you in our beautifully designed gift boxes with magnetic closures, your knives will arrive in style. Their elegant boxes are the perfect home for storing these fine utensils. Included in each box you will also find our Custom Knife Sheaths with Snap Closures, and our Polishing Cloths to help keep your knives looking shiny & gorgeous. Give these to your favorite chef. The astonishing quality of these lovingly crafted knives means you’ll be giving a gift they’ll have and use for eternity!


The Damascus Dynasty Series is our flagship series, and the culmination of our passion for knives. Designed to reflect
centuries of knife design, paired with cutting-edge forging techniques, and the highest-grade Damascus steel for
unparalleled craftsmanship. The spectacularly sharp blades are made from specially formulated 67-Layer AUS-10V Japanese Damascus Steel, and individually handcrafted & sharpened by our virtuoso technicians. They have a Rockwell Hardness of 62+ for maximum strength, flexibility, and edge durability. It is this steel that retains its edge better than any other.

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Stylish, stunningly gorgeous, and adorned with elegant laser-etched end caps, our Dynasty Series knives and utensils were lovingly designed with balanced and ergonomic grips for amazing comfort, performance, and safety, along with shockingly sharp cutting edges. Our Dynasty Series blades are ferociously sharp and made from our own specially formulated German ThyssenKrupp 1.4116 Stainless Steel for greatly enhanced corrosion, rust resistance, and steel strength, due in part to a high order of Chromium included in the steel’s composition.



Distinguished by the eye-catching subtle beauty of their finely etched chromed steel, our Ronin Series high-carbon 7Cr17MoV stainless steel blades are strikingly sharp and exquisitely etched over in an elegant pattern reminiscent of the classic Japanese Seigaiha pattern (waves layered from concentric circles), which represents surges of good luck. Beautifully adorned with two gorgeous marbled resin bands reminiscent of twin moons or celestial wedding rings, Ronin Series knives come equipped with extremely durable mirror-polished Pakkawood handles.



Sleek. Gorgeous. Ferociously formidable. Samurai Series knives have been designed to be fast, aerodynamic, and highly engineered for precision and maneuverability. Like a surgeon’s scalpel, they are relentlessly sharp and made from our specially formulated high-carbon 7Cr17MoV stainless steel with added Vanadium for higher strength, wear resistance, and toughness. Samurai Series knives come equipped with an extremely durable mirror-polished Pakkawood handle. They have high water-resisting capabilities, won't crack or split, and are easy to clean and maintain. The sumptuous handles, with their ultra fine grained texture, make for a knife to not only admire, but also hold.



Stately and sublime, our Japanese AUS-8 steel blades meet the standard of a tough, rust-resistant knife with a significantly long lasting razor-sharp edge. Carbon and Molybdenum explains rigity and high wear resistance, Chromium and Nickel increases mechanical strength and edge retention, and Manganese helps increase hardness, reduce structural wear, and making for easy sharpening. Alluring and gorgeous, with a visually stunning pattern that changes with the light like a hologram, our carbon fiber + G10 handle is arguably the most qualitative of our series. By infusing the carbon fiber with military-grade G10 thermoset, we've created a handle not only incredibly robust, but with resilience to thrive in the rigorous environment of the kitchen.



Gorgeous. Elegant. Ferociously formidable with unparalleled craftsmanship. Expertly designed by our master artisans, the Spectre Series knives feature perfectly balanced and ergonomic grips for amazing comfort and safety, shockingly sharp cutting edges, & are crafted to reflect centuries of traditional Japanese knife design along with cutting-edge nitrogen-cooled forging techniques.Adorned with an opulent mosaic pin made of brass and copper, our mirror-polish imported Spanish Pakkwood handles feel as if they were made just for you. They have a traditional Japanese D-Shape that tucks right into the palm with unrivaled comfort and control for both righties and lefties.