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Returns are accepted for all unused and manufacturer defective merchandise (which we’re exceedingly proud to define as a rare occasion). Simply contact our award-winning customer service team at to arrange your return within 30 days of purchase.

Refund are issued for all unused and manufacturer defective merchandise (which we’re exceedingly proud to define as a rare occasion). Simply contact our award-winning customer service team at to arrange your refund within 30 days of purchase.


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Care & Maintenance

With proper care, your KESSAKU Professional Knives and Utensils can be your culinary companions for life. So, follow this guide to ensure continual optimal performance from all your knives and cooking instruments.

(These general rules should pretty much apply to all professional knives and cooking utensils by all manufacturers).

  a. Treat your professional knives and cooking instruments with respect and care. Our blades are extremely sharp so, exercise general caution, and of course, keep them out of the reach of small children. We include custom blade guards with all our knives for added safety as well as beautiful magnetic gift boxes which can be used for their storage.

b. The highly recommended method of cleaning professional knives is – quickly washing them by hand with a little detergent, followed by drying them with an absorbent towel. (*This is the standard operating procedure used by almost all professional chefs to keep their knives in optimal condition). We highly do not recommend putting these knives in a dishwasher.

c. Our knives use steels known for greatly enhanced corrosion and rust resistance. However, as with all professional knives, you never want to leave your knife soaking in soapy water. Over time, moisture and water will cause micro-corrosion in minute levels, which weakens steel. So, after use, clean your blades, dry your blades, and always keep your blades dry and stored properly.

d. In general, when washing cutlery, try to avoid soaps with bleach or heavy citrus extracts as they naturally promote corrosion.

e. Use proper and sane cutting surfaces. Wood, plastic, bamboo, and similar cutting boards are great! Glass, marble, ceramic, and granite surfaces can be damaged by knives (and cause the release of small particles of glass/ceramic/marble which is not really great to get in your food…), and these hard, counter-top type surfaces will also dull your knives.


As a practice, it’s always best to periodically hone and sharpen your knives while they’re still relatively sharp. Waiting for your knives to dull will make them take significantly longer to sharpen and hone. Quickly honing your blades after use retains a blade’s sharpness significantly longer, which means you’ll need to sharpen less often. Use the correct tool for the correct job. Our blades are astonishingly durable. However, for your own safety, the rule for using any knife from any brand is that you never want to force a cut by twisting the blade or prying. For example, you wouldn’t want to use a small paring knife to hack away at something extremely hard like a coconut or something deeply frozen. Instead, you should use a blade-type that’s suitable for such tasks, like a nice, heavy, cleaver.


When viewing a knife’s blade under a very strong microscope, its edge will look like a series of tiny points. Over time and frequent use, these points can get pushed down and bent out of shape.

Honing realigns and straightens that edge, removing an edge’s “burr” (the steel folding over itself) for smoother, safer, cuts. Regular honing will result in a less frequent need to sharpen.


So, honing is for realigning a blade’s edge, by correcting misalignment. This differs from SHARPENING, which actually removes traces of steel from a blade’s edge to form a new edge.

Whetstones are considered the very best method of sharpening, as they’re more likely to ensure that your blade’s edge is restored to its original correct and proper geometry, allowing for maximum sharpness.


Developing the skill of correctly honing and sharpening your knives will help ensure the longevity of your knives and utensils, maximize their performance, and help retain the edges of your blades. Practice makes perfect.


Weekly honing will fully maximize and optimize the life and performance of your blades and will also significantly extend the length of time you’ll have before you’ll need to sharpen your blades (as honing corrects and restores a blade’s edge to its proper geometry, which in turn helps to retain a blade’s sharpness, longer).If you don’t already own a professional, high-quality, honing rod, you can purchase our KESSAKU DYNASTY SERIES 10” STEEL HONING ROD

How to Use a Honing Rod

To use a honing steel (or ceramic) rod, start by holding the rod vertically with the tip placed on the counter. Slide the blade down the rod at a 16-degree angle, applying light pressure. Repeat this about half a dozen times, alternating sides. 


The very best method (by far) for sharpening is using a whetstone kit, the method used by all professional chefs to sharpen professional knives. This is because it allows you to perfectly sharpen without removing any excess steel.  

Electric Sharpeners can also be used although we suggest ensuring it uses ceramic or diamond cutting wheels and can sharpen blades designed with steep cutting angles (Asian Style).


Thank you so much for your purchase and for joining the Kessaku family! As a member of
our family, you’re entitled to our worry-free lifetime warranty. It’s
automatically activated upon receipt of any Kessaku knife. Rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

You can use our Contact Us form, or email us at with any issue or concern so that we can immediately do our absolute best to make it right!

Please note that this warranty applies to manufacturing defects (which we’re very proud to define as “rare”) and, of course, does not include regular routine maintenance, like sharpening and honing, general wear and tear, or issues incurred through improper or unintended use.