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The Dynasty Tourne Knife after halving an avocado
Kessaku Dynasty Series Tourne Knife uses, dimensions, maintenance, warranty info, and additional blade treatments
Kessaku Dynasty Tourne Knife blade features: 1.4116 German steel, 58 HRC, sharpened to 16 degrees, reinforced spine
Kessaku Dynasty Tourne Knife handle features: G10 handle, full tang, contoured bolster, laser etched end cap
The Kessaku Dynasty Tourne Knife comes in a premium gift box with a blade guard, polishing cloth, care guide, and warranty & support booklet
The Dynasty Tourne Knife
The Dynasty Tourne Knife and halved pastries filled with apricots
The Dynasty Tourne Knife with a bowl of mixed vegetables

Kessaku 3" Bird's Beak Tourne Paring Knife - Dynasty Series


  • German 1.4116 carbon stainless steel
  • 58 HRC on the Rockwell Scale
  • Blade angle: 16° per side
  • G10 Handle
  • Triple rivet design

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The Dynasty Bird's Beak Knife next to a bowl of chickpeas, avocado, broccoli, and more.


Bird's Beak Knife

Designed for intricate cutting, the Dynasty Bird’s Beak Tourné Paring Knife is great for crafting vegetable garnishes, and perfect for any foods and garnishes that require attention to detail. A part of a chef’s skillset is the tournée cut. This technique turns fruits and vegetables into uniform elliptical shapes for even cooking. When this technique is mastered, knowing how to tournée will add to the aesthetic and texture of sides, stews, or roasts.

The Dynasty Series

Dynasty Series knives are astonishingly sharp and durable, and are ergonomically designed for comfort, performance, and safety. The blades are made from German ThyssenKrupp 1.4116 stainless steel with high carbon and chromium for greatly enhanced corrosion and rust resistance, and infused with vanadium to increase wear resistance and steel strength. The toughness of 1.4116 steel makes it less prone to chipping or breaking, making Dynasty Series knives reliable workhorses in busy kitchens.

The military-aircraft-grade G10 Garolite handles are highly impact resistant and feature triple rivet construction. G10 Garolite technology allows for a virtually unbreakable handle that's nearly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. This provides the Dynasty Series unparalleled strength and reliability with a handle that will not oxidize or soften over time. They are contoured for ergonomic comfort and adorned with laser-etched end caps for balance and control.

The Kessaku Dynasty Series 3-Inch Bird's Beak Knife's features, dimensions, and steel composition

Blade Features

Dynasty Series blades are vacuum furnace heat treated and nitrogen cooled which greatly enhances the blade’s performance with the best possible wear resistance and durability, while minimizing the chance of chips occurring under heavy stress. Forged from premium German ThyssenKrupp 1.4116 carbon stainless steel for increased strength and enhanced stain resistance, the composition of this steel provides great edge retention, keeping the knife sharper, longer. The steel has a Rockwell Hardness (HRC) of 58 for maximum strength, flexibility, and blade edge durability. Each blade is hand sharpened to a perfect 16-degree angle per side.

Handle Features

Dynasty Series military-aircraft-grade G10 Garolite handles are virtually unbreakable and nearly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. They have full tang strength, which means the blades extend all the way through the entire handle for lifelong durability and safety. These ergonomic grips have triple rivet construction for added strength and stability and are designed to excel in the harshest conditions of busy kitchens.

The Kessaku Dynasty Series 3-Inch Bird's Beak Knife comes with a felt-lined knife sheath, polishing cloth, and premium gift box

Included Items

  • Kessaku Dynasty Series 3" Bird's Beak Tourne Paring Knife
  • Kessaku Felt-Lined Knife Sheath
  • Kessaku Premium Gift Box with Magnetic Closure
  • Kessaku Polishing Cloth
  • Kessaku Care Instruction Booklet

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