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The Dynasty Honing Steel, Santoku, Boning Knife, Paring Knife, and Nakiri on a cutting board
Kessaku Dynasty Series Honing Steel uses, dimensions, maintenance, warranty info, and additional steel treatments
Kessaku Dynasty Honing Steel rod features: 430 Chromium Alloy steel, 89 HRC
Kessaku Dynasty Honing Steel handle features: G10 handle, Cross Guard, full tang, contoured bolster, laser etched end cap
The Kessaku Dynasty Honing Steel comes in a premium gift box with a polishing cloth, care guide, and warranty & support booklet
Detailed close up of a utility knife being honed using the Dynasty Sharpening Rod
A chef prepare to use the Dynasty Cleaver by honing its blade
A Chef honing the Dynasty Carving Knife with the Dynasty Honing Rod

Kessaku 10" Honing Steel - Dynasty Series


  • Premium 430 Chromium Alloy
  • 89 HRC on the Rockwell Scale
  • G10 Handle
  • Triple rivet design

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A chef hones the Dynasty Carving Knife with the Dynasty Honing Steel before food preparation.


Honing Steel

A honing steel is used to maintain a blade's edge. When viewed under a microscope, the edge looks like a series of tiny points. Over time and use these points get pushed down and bent out of shape. Honing steels realign and straighten the edges of blades back to their original geometry. By honing your knives regularly, you won't need to sharpen them as often.

The Dynasty Series

The Dynasty Honing Steel restores the edges of your blades to their original geometry and sharpness. It has fine, ribbed longitudinal ridges that run along its length to ensure firm, smooth drags, and a cross-guard bar between the blade and the hilt to safely protect your hands while honing. Its tip is magnetized to attract metal fibers and spiked to prevent slipping for added safety.

The military-aircraft-grade G10 Garolite handles are highly impact resistant and feature triple rivet construction. G10 Garolite technology allows for a virtually unbreakable handle that's nearly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. This provides the Dynasty Series unparalleled strength and reliability with a handle that will not oxidize or soften over time. They are contoured for ergonomic comfort and adorned with laser-etched end caps for balance and control.

The Kessaku Dynasty Series 10-Inch Honing Steel's features, dimensions, and steel composition

Steel Features

Dynasty Series utensils are composed of vacuum heat treated and nitrogen cooled 430 Chromium Alloy stainless steel, which has a Rockwell Hardness (HRC) of 89 for maximum strength and durability. The steel's composition includes a high order of Chromium for greatly enhanced corrosion and rust resistance, and is infused with manganese to increase toughness while minimizing brittleness.

Handle Features

Dynasty Series military-aircraft-grade G10 Garolite handles are virtually unbreakable and nearly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. They have full tang strength, which means the steel extends all the way through the entire handle for lifelong durability and safety. The ergonomic grips have triple rivet construction for added strength and stability, and are designed to excel in the harshest conditions of busy kitchens.

The Kessaku Dynasty Series 10-Inch Honing Steel comes with a polishing cloth, and premium gift box

Included Items

  • Kessaku Dynasty Series 10" Honing Steel
  • Kessaku Premium Gift Box with Magnetic Closure
  • Kessaku Polishing Cloth
  • Kessaku Care Instruction Booklet

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