The Kessaku Samurai Series 6" Carving Meat Fork with Gift Box
The Samurai Carving Meat Fork used to carve a small roast beef
Kessaku Samurai Series Carving Fork uses, dimensions, maintenance, warranty info, and additional blade treatments
Kessaku Samurai Carving Fork blade features: 430 Chromium alloy steel, 85 HRC, sizable bolster
Kessaku Samurai Carving Fork handle features: Pakkawood handle, full tang, contoured bolster, laser etched end cap
The Kessaku Samurai Carving Fork comes in a premium gift box with a polishing cloth, care guide, and warranty & support booklet
Three cuts of steak lay on a pedestal cutting board with the Samurai Carving Meat Fork and Mini Cleaver
A server carves thin slices of roast beef using the Samurai Series Carving Knife and Carving Fork
Slicing a large piece of meat with the Samurai Carving Fork and Chef's Knife
Thinly sliced jamon and the Samurai Carving Meat Fork
The Samurai Carving Fork next to a sliced ham
Carved chicken next to the Samurai Meat Fork on a cutting board
The Samurai Carving Meat Fork with slices of turkey, and cherry tomatoes.

Kessaku 6" Carving Meat Fork - Samurai Series


  • Premium 430 Chromium Alloy Steel
  • 85 HRC on the Rockwell Scale
  • Mirror-polished Pakkawood handle
  • Laser-etched end cap

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The Samurai Carving Meat Fork with slices of turkey, and cherry tomatoes.


Carving Fork

The Samurai Carving Meat Fork is primarily used to carve poultry and meats such as roasts, hams, and beef brisket. It features two large tines and a sizable bolster where the fork and handle meet, which allows you to safely and expertly carve meats alongside our razor-sharp carving, paring, utility, butchering, filleting, slicing, chef's knives, and cleavers without slipping or fatigue. Its gorgeous pakkawood handle is constructed in a seamless build which keeps it sanitary and hygienic, and has a full-tang for superior strength.

The Samurai Series

Forged from premium 430 Chromium Alloy Steel with a high order of chromium for enhanced corrosion resistance and tensile strength, The Samurai Series Carving & Meat Fork was engineered with both performance and ergonomics in mind. By expertly piercing through and holding meats firmly in place without the need for excessive pressure, the carving fork will soon feel like a seamless extension of any chef's hand. The long tines allow for controlled, thin slices that enhance both the aesthetics and flavors of culinary creations, empowering chefs of all levels to elevate their craft to new heights.

Samurai Series utensils come equipped with an extremely durable mirror polished pakkawood handle. They have high water-resisting capabilities, won't crack or split, and are easy to clean and maintain. Pakkawood is exceptionally dense and possesses incredible strength, which is why it is often used in both military and kitchen environments.

The Kessaku Dynasty Series 6-Inch Carving Meat Fork's features, dimensions, and steel composition

Steel Features

Samurai Series utensils are vacuum furnace heat treated and nitrogen cooled for excellent wear resistance and durability under heavy stress. The high chromium content in 430 Chromium Alloy Steel makes this steel resistant to corrosion and heat. With a Rockwell Hardness (HRC) of 85, the ultra-sharp tines on this carving fork are designed to stand the test of time.

Handle Features

Used for military applications due to its incredible strength and exceptional density, Pakkawood has high water-resisting capabilities, won't crack or split, and is easy to clean and maintain. The seamless build ensures no dirt or food debris can infiltrate its body, keeping the handle safe and hygienic in busy kitchens. Ergonomically designed for extended use, the handle has a contoured bolster, which provides a comfortable pinch grip for enhanced knife control. They are finished with a stainless-steel laser etched end cap which serves as a counterbalance.

The Kessaku Dynasty Series 6-Inch Carving Meat Fork comes with a polishing cloth, and premium gift box

Included Items

  • Kessaku Samurai Series 6" Carving Fork
  • Kessaku Premium Gift Box with Magnetic Closure
  • Kessaku Polishing Cloth
  • Kessaku Care Instruction Booklet

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