The Spectre K-Tip Chef's Knife with its knife sheath and gift box - Main
The Spectre K-Tip Chef's Knife, 16 ounce filet mignon, rosemary, and bay leaves on a cutting board
Made of AUS-8 Steel and a Spanish Pakkawood Handle
A woman slices a filet mignon with the Spectre K-Tip Chef's Knife. Cauliflower and asparagus are in the background.
Sharpened to a 14 degree angle per side while measuring 58 on the Rockwell Scale (HRC)
The K-Tip Spectre Chef Knife after cutting a filet mignon into steaks. Asparagus, rosemary, and sage accompany
Hand made with a carefully ground reinforced spine
The Spectre K-Tip Chef's Knife with sliced onions
The Spectre K-Tip Chef's Knife in its red, felt-lined gift box
Slicing zucchini with the Spectre K-Tip Chef's Knife
The Spectre K-Tip Chef's Knife and a large, T-bone steak
A rustic illustration of the Spectre Chef's Knife's features and included items.

Kessaku 9.5" Chef Knife - Spectre Series

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The Spectre K-Tip Chef's Knife next to skewers full of chicken, red onion, corn, squash, and cherry tomato


K-Tip Chef's Knife

The large Spectre Chef's Knife with K-Tip is a multi-purpose instrument designed to excel at many different kitchen tasks. Its profile is especially helpful for rapid, staccato, rocking motions. With a Rockwell Hardness of 58, and sharpened to 14° per side using the traditional Japanese Honbazuke method, the impressively sharp, precision-forged blade allows for effortless slicing, dicing, mincing, chopping, efficiently cutting up large cuts, or even disjointing a whole chicken.

The Spectre Series
Gorgeous. Elegant. Ferociously formidable with unparalleled craftsmanship. With its special steel composition, our AUS-8 blades meet the standard of a tough, rust-resistant knife with a significantly long-lasting razor-sharp edge. Carbon and Molybdenum increase rigidity and high wear resistance, Chromium and Nickel increase mechanical strength and edge retention, and Manganese helps increase hardness, reduce structural wear, and make for easy sharpening. Put that all together, add our heat-treatment and hardening process to ensure durability, increased sharpness, and abrasion resistance, and you have yourself a new culinary life companion.

Adorned with an opulent mosaic pin made of brass and copper, our mirror-polish imported Spanish Pakkwood handles feel as if they were made just for you. They have a traditional Japanese D-Shape that tucks right into the palm with unrivaled comfort and control for both righties and lefties. Composed of wood fibers and fortified with resins, our Spectre Series pakkawood is exceptionally dense, possesses incredible strength, won't crack or split, and has high water- resistant capabilities with easy maintenance.


The Kessaku Spectre Series 9.5-Inch Chef's Knife's features, dimensions, and steel composition

Features and Benefits

  • Precision-forged & nitrogen cooled professional grade Japanese high-carbon AUS-8 stainless steel
  • Hand sharpened using the complex, three-stage, traditional Japanese Honbazuke method to a perfect 14° angle per side
  • Rockwell Hardness of 58 for maximum strength, flexibility, & blade edge durability
  • Amazing edge retention keeps its blade’s sharpness long
  • Added chromium for improved steel strength and enhanced stain resistance
  • Gorgeous mirror-polished black Spanish Pakkawood handle
  • Traditional Japanese D-Shape is designed to tuck right into your palm
  • Mosaic pin of brass and copper adds elegance and luxury
  • Full Tang strength and solid, handcrafted construction
  • Nearly impervious to heat, cold, & moisture
  • Stainless end-cap counterbalance
The Kessaku Spectre Series 9.5-Inch Chef's Knife comes with a felt-lined knife sheath, polishing cloth, and premium gift box

Included Items

  • Kessaku Spectre Series 9.5" Chef's Knife
  • Kessaku Felt-Lined Knife Sheath
  • Kessaku Premium Gift Box with Magnetic Closure
  • Kessaku Polishing Cloth
  • Kessaku Care Instruction Booklet

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