One of the Best Carving Knives According to Spruce Eats

One of the Best Carving Knives According to Spruce Eats

KESSAKU Ronin Series 12-Inch Carving Knife

Kessaku 12" Slicing Carving Knife Ronin Series

Blade Length: 12 inches | Blade Material: High-carbon stainless steel | Handle Material: Pakkawood | Blade Edge: Granton | Care: Hand-wash

Their Ratings:
    • Design
    • Performance
    • Ease of Cleaning
    • Value
  • Size
What They Like
  • Blade is durable and sharp

  • Food pulls away easily

  • Budget-conscious

What They Don't Like
  • Long blade isn't great for some

The advantage of a Granton edge is that the small dimples along the side of the blade are proficient in releasing food from the blade so that nothing sticks to the knife and everything pulls away clean and intact. The sleek pakkawood handle on this knife is comfortable and effortlessly stylish. The knife also comes with a blade guard for added protection when your knife is not in use so that it can be stored safely in a drawer rather than taking space in the knife block. The high carbon stainless steel blade is unrivaled for its sharpness and durability, and we were very impressed with the way this knife looked, considering the lower price tag.

While the blade is certainly on the longer side, it’s great for large cuts, such as brisket, ham, or a hefty turkey breast. For smaller, more precise cuts (like a roast chicken), this might be too much blade. The knife comes with a lifetime warranty, and the way that it’s constructed is intended for a lifetime of heavy use.

In testing, we liked it best for slicing turkey breast and for cutting a turducken neatly in half. Because of the rounded front, it was less successful at cutting around bones, but the slight point helped somewhat. Washing by hand is easy, and since this is somewhat of a specialty knife and it's unlikely someone would bring it out to cut vegetables, this probably won't need sharpening very often.

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