Tales from KESSAKU - Knife Parties & The Caff!

Tales from KESSAKU - Knife Parties & The Caff!

KESSAKU, for us, is the most fun place to work in the universe.

Our snapshot moments definitely include a tradition where we all gather around when we get the test samples of a new design and check them out to make sure they’re exactly right in all ways and fulfill all our wishlists for their construction and design. Then, we head down to the test kitchens and give them a vigorous workout in each of our stations and after a few hours of intense use, we bring all the stuff we cooked down to The Caff and have a company-wide KESSAKU Knife-Party Dinner. Then, we have a vote. A serious one. Whichever chefs participated all vote on whether the new knife (or cooking instrument) goes on to production. It has to be unanimous. One “nay” sends it back to design. We want these to be perfect or better than perfect. These kinds of ceremonies and all of us having the same interests and love for what we do are what makes KESSAKU the BEST place to work. Everyone knows everyone here, it’s family-owned and the family we work for works right alongside us, not as bosses but exactly like co-workers. In all ways, they make us family too. 

There’s like a million other reasons we love working here, the sense of unity, all of us on the same team, and basically getting paid to hang out with our friends and discuss cooking and knives, something we’d do anyway, so it never feels like work.

-Steve from KESSAKU.

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